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Dynasty warriors Zhen ji x Male reader
Dynasty warriors
Zhen ji x Male reader
Never forget the lavender in the garden of roses
The life of Zhen ji has been a wild and chaos filled one. First married to one of the sons of the rich Yuan family, she thought to live her life as a women of luxury only then to meet Cao Pi. The son of Cao Cao who came to the palace of the Yuan's after a bloody and harsh battle put the royal family members six foot under.
At the time he planned to kill all the women inside and yet once he saw her beautiful face, the young man paused his blood lust. Struck by her beauty he asked for her hand in marriage at once and with the blessing of Cao Cao, she became the wife of a rulers son.
After this the pair enjoyed years of bliss with playful banter between them and their devotion to each so strong that even the mighty warrior Xu Zhu said no warrior could not break it. A quote you believed yourself as at that time as you were a young warrior within the ranks of Cao Cao's army and all you saw between the pa
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 23 17
Mature content
From the Ashes (Cao MReader x ????) Pt.1 :iconrlia:Rlia 2 1
Mature content
Yellow Turbans (Cao Mreader x ???? Pt.2) :iconrlia:Rlia 3 1
RWBY X Male- Alucard Reader: Bloody Love Part 3
Ruby became leader of a team called RWBY.
I was still being punished.
My coffin was moved to her new room.
I heard a knock on my coffin.
Ruby: Alucard… You can come out now.
Yang: You even awake?
Weiss: Don’t let him out!
Blake: He may be a vampire but he deserves to be free.
I open it slightly, my blood red eyes glowing.
Me: Blood…
Ruby holds up a blood pack.
I snatch it and close the door.
Ruby: No thank you?
Me: Thank you Mistress Ruby…
Ruby: Can you come out?
Me: I prefer not, Ice queen is not someone I like to socialize with.
Ruby: Please…
I open the coffin door.
Me: Fine…
The girls talk while I lean against the wall.
Blake: So why do you have a vampire as a bodyguard?
Ruby: He has always watched over me.
Weiss: Creepy.
Me: I serve Mistress Ruby, I protect her and do whatever she asks of me.
Weiss: Mistress… This dolt can’t be royalty.
Me: To me she is a princess, Nothing will change that.
Weiss: Then what about me, I’
:iconhazyphantom:HazyPhantom 31 7
Mature content
Alive ( Salem x RF!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 54 46
Mature content
Alive ( Summer x RF!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 84 62
Mature content
Alive ( Raven x RF!Male!Reader ) :iconpsajchol:Psajchol 91 84
Mature content
Overlord! Ruby X Male! Sorcerer! Reader pt7 :iconazureman136:Azureman136 24 49
Mature content
Korra x Male reader! Bonus! :iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 70 60
LR, LP, LB - Cheater Blake x Male Reader x Weiss
~+~ Les riches, Les Pauvres, Les Brises (2/2) ~+~
            (a/n) tell me the next person you want me to do a oneshot with, just in case I have another block!
~+~ (y/n)’s pov ~+~
    I was driving through Atlas, following my GPS to the address she gave me when I realized, I had more fun talking with Weiss in the span of ten minutes than I have staying with Blake for the past weeks! Maybe a change is good every once in a while. After a few turns and reverses, I managed to make it to the house. It was a very close by to her work. Within walking distance. I guess I just got lost. Weiss had a very nice house. Not too big, but not too small. She must be running a good business to afford this. I open the door and set off my stuff to the side. There was a hallway that lead to the kitchen, and a room off to the left, which was most likely a living room. I walked up the stairs to find a loft, a walk
:iconnsjv19:NSJV19 83 50
More than Motherly Love
The first request that I have done, hope it is well. Requested by IgnobleFiend, he said to do the mothers of RWBY, let’s do it!!!! BTW, in this one, you are like Vergil from Devil May Cry 3, minus the cold personality. BTW, this is before any of the actual members of RWBY are born and since I don’t know what Weiss’ mom’s name is, I’m making one up which is Snow because I lack creativity.
Third Person POV
A man in a (F/C) coat (Author: Like Vergil’s) cuts down another Ursa pack, and cleans off the blade of his katana, (Weapon name), and sheathes it and walks away, feeling unsatisfied at his battle against 50 packs of all Grimm.
F/N: Weak. At this rate, my power might as well diminish. Tch, at this rate, I might as well leave. *slicks hair back out of his eyes*
Yes you were out and about destroying the Grimm species as a whole, trying to somehow make them extinct. Why? Well, let say that you saw your best friend’s sister and your crush Raven Bran
:iconpopdood:popdood 76 72
Mature content
A Cat Person (Blake X Male Reader X Kali) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 102 89
The Representative: RWBY MReaderxYang Vol 2 CH 6
Hey Everybody!!!!! This is Chapter 6 of "The Representative: Volume 2"!
Feel free to comment and make suggestions!
Sorry this one took so long. I have been and will be very, very busy for a few days yet, but I'm going to try to have the Volume 2 finale done by the end of this week.
Thank you guys for following and for your comments so far. You guys are awesome!
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with RoosterTeeth productions, and make no legal claims to RWBY or the featured cover art.
Volume 2, Chapter 6: Black, Red, then White
I was honestly starting to regret choosing to land on the roof of that particular building. There were A LOT of stairs. By the time we reached the ground floor, the whole team was huffing and puffing. We had to take a moment to catch our breath before proceeding out of the building.
The streets were quiet. One could almost say it was too quiet if it weren’
:iconshowoff247:Showoff247 24 4
Mature content
Best Christmas Ever(TwinOC X Malereader)lemon :iconcornelioburris:CornelioBurris 43 73
This was actually a bit hard to make...
Well, I had to find a way to make it acceptable that they'd still go for (y/n) together
(y/n) POV
I just brought both in Blake and Yang into the infirmary ahead of time, letting them just relax and have a great rejuvenating sleep with the help of my semblance.
(y/n): Dammit, why did I say that to them? I haven’t picked one of them! Both of them… they’re just the best anyone could ever get and they expect me to choose between them? Hell, if I could have both I’d gladly do it…
When I noticed that the others were coming in for the wounded, I immediately left and stayed at my room, purposely dodging the question. Quickly I jumped into my bed and slept…
So… I guess something happened…
When I opened my eyes I feel my wrists bound to
:iconelementron:elementron 36 42
Mature content
Cold Hearted Part 4 Blake x MReader x Yang :iconelementron:elementron 34 23




I am going to stick mainly to OCs until I gain more confidence in my writing, I will inform you when I will write a fanfic.
Name: tundra frost

semblence: water and ice control

gender: female

sexuality: lesbian

race: snow leopard faunas

fighting style: mid to long range. (though her weapons change into duel daggers for close range however she isnt as skilled up close but she is still more than able to hold her own).

weapon: duel punisher 1911 pistols that can fuse together to become a powerful sniper rifle.

hair and eye color: hair is platinum blonde and her eyes are deep blue like the ocean.

relationships: Has a huge crush on yang however she has yet to confess her feelings out of a big fear of being rejected. Her relationship with ruby is that of an older sister, she cares deeply for the hyperactive cookie lover. Velvet is a good friend of hers and she often defends her from Cardin. Her relationship with cardin (if you can even call it that) is one were she hates his guts, cardin frequently ends up in the infirmary from tundra beating his ass because he bullies velvet and other faunus. Lastly pyrrha is like the older sister tundra always wanted, she always looks out for her and also mentors her in combat, safe to say pyrrha is one of her closest friends.  

personality: kind, loyal, passionate, is not afraid to put herself in harms way to protect those she cares about, isnt afraid to wise crack and insult her enemies in funny ways even in the middle of combat, brave, hates bullies or those who pick on others just because they are weaker, never hurt and/or insult anyone she cares about unless you wish to wake up in a hospital bed.

background: she is from Menagerie. However she didn't join the white fang, she was taught by her mother before she and her father were killed by humans for thinking that they were white fang she did hold a small hated to human however that changed when she meet yang at beacon. (tundra enrolled cause she never wanted what happened to her to happen to another ever again that and she wanted to show that a faunus can do good).

outfit: tundra wears professional running shoes so as help her keep her distance from the enemies she is fighting and wears cargo pants (she likes to keep stuff in the pockets like extra ammo and snacks) for her shirt because she is on the move in combat she wears and form fitting ice blue t-shirt and also because of her bust size (triple d cups) she binds her chest whenever she goes on a mission so they dont get in the way when she is running and jumping around and her duel pistols are custom punisher 1911 pistols.

RWBY Tundra frost OC
This is my first OC opinions on her are welcome, tell me what you think.



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